Home Page: VintageSense Music of Indian Subcontinent – Hub 1

Home Page: VintageSense Music of Indian Subcontinent – Hub 1

Music of the Indian Subcontinent – Collection Presented in Uncategorized Form

VintageSense presents music of Indian subcontinent of diverse types including mainly musical items from old Indian Hindi films along with non-film Hindi and non-Hindi musical presentations. Some musical items from Pakistan are also included in this uncategorized but randomly indexed collection. This collection comprises more than 18,000 musical items which are presented here as an online audio streaming. These streaming audios are presented here using two types of audio-players. You can use an appropriate audio-player depending upon the device’s (personal computer or a smart-phone) operating system and internet browser.

Music Collections Presented at VintageSense Music of Indian Subcontinent Hub1 – Presenting more than 17,000 evergreen Indian songs and other musical items

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The two main traditions of classical music are Carnatic music, found predominantly in the peninsular regions, and Hindustani music, found in the northern and central regions. Basic understanding of this music that includes Shruti, Swara, Alankar, Rāga, Tāla. Its tonal system divides the octave into 22 segments called shrutis, not all equal but each roughly equal to one quarter of a whole tone of Western music. Melody is based on the system of ragas, which are melody types used as the basis for improvisation.The music of India includes multiple varieties of folk, popular, pop, classical music and R&B. India’s classical music tradition, including Carnatic andHindustani music, has a history spanning millennia and developed over several eras. Music in India began as an integral part of socio-religious life and that Indian music is essentially melodic: sounds follow one another expressing an emotional state in an aesthetic unity.

Indian Village Musicians

Indian Village Musicians

Hindustani music is an Indian classical music tradition that goes back to Vedic times around 1000 BC. It further developed circa the 13th and 14th centuries AD with Persian influences and from existing religious and folk music. The practice of singing based on notes was popular even from the Vedic times where the hymns in Sama Veda, a sacred text, were sung as Samagana and not chanted. Developing a strong and diverse tradition over several centuries, it has contemporary traditions established primarily in India but also in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In contrast to Carnatic music, the other main Indian classical music tradition originating from the South, Hindustani music was not only influenced by ancient Hindu musical traditions, historicalVedic philosophy and native Indian sounds but also enriched by the Persian performance practices of the Mughals. Classical genres are dhrupad, dhamar, khyal, tarana and sadra.

Light classical or semi-classical music include the following genres, among others: Thumri, Dadra, ghazal, Chaiti, Kajri, Kaththa and Tappa.

Film music

The biggest form of Indian popular music is filmi, or songs from Indian films, it makes up 72% of the music sales in India. The film industry of India supported music by according reverence to classical music while utilizing the western orchestration to support Indian melodies. Music composers, like R. D. Burman, A. R. Rahman, Ilaiyaraja, Naushad, C. Ramchandra, S. D. Burman, Salil Chowdhury, Shankar Jaikishan, Kalyanji Anandji, Jatin Lalit, Anu Malik, Nadeem-Shravan, Harris Jayaraj, Himesh Reshammiya, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Salim-Sulaiman, MS viswanathan,K V Mahadevan, Gantasala and S. D. Batish employed the principles of harmony while retaining classical and folk flavor. Reputed names in the domain of Indian classical music like Ravi Shankar, Vilayat Khan, Ali Akbar Khan and Ram Narayan have also composed music for films. Independent pop acts such as Asha Bhosle, Udit Narayan, Alisha Chinai, K.S. Chitra, Shaan, Madhushree, Shreya Ghoshal, Nihira Joshi, Kavita Krishnamurthy, SP Balasubramanayam, Hariharan, AR Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh, Kunal Ganjawala, Anu Malik, Sunidhi Chauhan, Anushka Manchanda,Raja Hasan Alka Yagnik and rock bands like Indus Creed, Indian Ocean, and Euphoria exist and have gained mass appeal with the advent of cable music television.


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    Sir, what a stupendous job !!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU.

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    Can you post two songs from “Toofan Mein Pyar Kahan” 1966 Release
    1. Nandiya Mori Re Dekho Aayi Phit Se Bahar -= Lata Mangeshkar & Chorus
    2.Jaane Kaisa Hain Ye Pyar- Lata Mangeshkar

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    Can you get songs from film “Chhupa Rustom” released in 1965. B/W film ?

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    I have both the songs of the film Toofan Mein Pyar Kahan . I have rather all the songs of this film. I can provide or upload if you so desire . Tell me how to do this .

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    You are doing a commendable job . I understand , this site is still under construction and ” Miles to go before you sleep ” . I want to say a few things : –
    ( 1 ) As far as possible , the version of a song available on 78 rpm record should be used . If record”s version significantly differs from the sound track , both versions should be uploaded . In older days , Film Censor Board used to do horrible things . They used to censor word , line or even complete stanza for the reason best known to them only . TERE HOTE HUE AAJ MAIN LUT RAHI , CHAHE KOI KHUSH HO CHAHE GAALIYAN HAZAR DE , TOO HAI HARJAAI TO APNA BHI YEHI TAUR SAHI , AAJ KYUN HUMSE PARDA HAI , JADUGAR SAIYAN CHHODO MORI BAHIYAN , NAAM MERA NIMMO MUKAAM LUDHIYANA , CHHALIYA MERA NAAM , JHUKTI GHATA GAATI HAWA SAPNE JAGAAE etc are few examples . In addition , unnecessary dialogues were super imposed on a song only to spoil it .
    ( 2 ) Hundreds of these posted song are presently showing FILE NOT FOUND which needs to be corrected .
    ( 3 ) Vital details of the songs , like Name and year of the film , Singer , Name of the song , Writer and Music Director of the song etc. are presently missing in most of the cases . This need to be looked after .
    ( 4 ) I also have huge collection of such songs and I wish to CONTRIBUTE to your site . What should I do for that ?

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    Muradkhan Saab – Aapne Kya Kamal Karke Dikhaya …Wah Wah – This is one of the most formidable collection of old vintage music of Pakistan and India that you have put in a single place – CONGRATULATIONS. I have been following some of the comments of your fans and fans of Hindi/Urdu Music, and it appears from the requests that your greatest challenge will be to create a Proper Database of Year, Artist, Album, Movie, Genre, etc. While I wish you the Best of Luck with this project, I wish I could help in compiling the Database – but I guess I am too removed from the project at hand. Anyway an ongoing dialog would be a good thing.

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    This is a great collection,which I can not stop admiring.Only a small issue–it is not essy to search a particular song or movie.Can you guide?

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    You are doing a commendable job for Music Lovers. I shall be much Oblidged if you could provide th following songs :-

    O babalu main tujhpe jawani with Manna Dey Chamki 1952

    Airi Baans Ki Bansariya – C.H.Atma

    Raghupati Raghav – B.G.Dastidar

    Chhabis January – Prakash Kaur & V.Seth

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