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Runa laila: Magic of Bengal

Runa laila: Magic of Bengal Credit / Courtesy: Anis Shakur (writer of this article) “Love is never separated from life, Love is always like this since eternity.” Millions adore Runa Laila and there has never been anyone quite like her. The immense pathos and longing in Runa’s voice was ideal for the tragic Pakistani movies […]

Runa Laila: Introduction

Runa Laila: Introduction   Runa Laila (Bengali: রুনা লায়লা; Urdu: رُونا ليليٰ‎; born 17 November 1952) is a singer who started her career from Pakistan film industry and sings inGhazals also. She made a pair with singer Ahmed Rushdi after replacing Mala. She also has done playbacks for movies in Bangladesh, India andPakistani film industries during late 60s,70s and early 80’s. Her best known number is Dama Dam Mast […]