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Sahara (1959)

Sahara (1959) Sahara Film “Sahara” (in Urdu language) released on 1959-04-10 This film, Sahara, produced by A Rauf and direced by A Rauf. The main cast of this film included Musarrat, Darpan, Diljeet. Film: Sahara (released on 1959-04-10) Music Composer: Mohammad Ali Munno Producer: A Rauf Director: A Rauf Writer: – Stars: Musarrat, Darpan, Diljeet […]

Raaz (1959)

Raaz (1959)   Indian playback singer Mubarak Begum (Kabhi tanhaiyoun mein fame) sang few songs for Pakistani films during her visit to Pakistan in late 50s.  Four songs for Raaz (Starring – Mussarat Nazir, Ejaz Durrani and Shamim Ara) and one song for Bada Aadmi (Starring – Ejaz Durrani and Meena Shorey). Songs of Raaz (1959) were sung by Zubaida Khanum, Ahmed […]

Neend (1959)

Neend (1959) Neend Film “Neend” (in Urdu language) released on 1959-10-16 This film, Neend, produced by S A Malik and direced by Hassan Tariq. The main cast of this film included Noor Jahan, Aslam Pervez, Neelo, Nighat, Asad Jaafri, Diljeet Mirza, Talish, Allauddin. Film: Neend (released on 1959-10-16) Music Composer: Rashid Atre Producer: S A […]

Nagin (1959)

Nagin (1959) Nagin Film “Nagin” (in Urdu language) released on 1959-06-18 This film, Nagin, produced by Wazir Ali and direced by Khalil Qaisar. The main cast of this film included Neelo, Ratan Kumar, Saqi, Yousuf Khan. Film: Nagin (released on 1959-06-18) Music Composer: Safdar Hussain Producer: Wazir Ali Director: Khalil Qaisar Writer: – Stars: Neelo, […]

Naghmae Dil (1959)

Naghmae Dil (1959) Naghmae Dil Film “Naghmae Dil” (in Urdu language) released on 1959-10-09 This film, Naghmae Dil, produced by G A Gul and direced by Najam Naqvi. The main cast of this film included Sabiha, Santosh, Asha, Ilyas Kashmiri. Film: Naghmae Dil (released on 1959-10-09) Music Composer: GA Chishti, Baba Producer: G A Gul […]

Koel (1959)

Koel (1959) Koel Film “Koel” (in Urdu language) released on 1959-12-24 This film, Koel, produced by Khurshid Anwar and direced by Masood Parvez. The main cast of this film included Noor Jahan, Aslam Pervez, Neelo, Nazar, Sahira, Ghulam Mohammad, Azad, Allauddin. Film: Koel (released on 1959-12-24) Music Composer: Khurshid Anwar Producer: Khurshid Anwar Director: Masood […]

Jhoomar (1959)

Jhoomar (1959)   The most characteristic feature of the work of Khurshid Anwar-Masud Parvez unit is their endeavor to broaden the scope of filmic expression to bring screen spectacle closer to natural drama. With their technical skill and understanding of the medium they combine an admirable courage to experiment. In Jhoomar, they have tackled one of […]

Apna Paraya (1959)

Apna Paraya (1959) Apna Paraya Film “Apna Paraya” (in Urdu language) released on 1959-08-14 This film, Apna Paraya, produced by Munir Jeelani and direced by Rafiq Rizvi. The main cast of this film included Shamim Ara, Kamal, Rehana, Rukhsana, Lehri, Talish, Sikandar. Film: Apna Paraya (released on 1959-08-14) Music Composer: Saif Chughtai Producer: Munir Jeelani […]